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Room on the Third Floor - Album


Track List:

  1. 5 Colours In Her Hair
  2. Obviously
  3. Room on the 3rd Floor
  4. That Girl
  5. Hypnotised
  6. Saturday Night
  7. Met This Girl
  8. She Left Me
  9. Down by the Lake
  10. Unsaid Things
  11. Surfer Babe
  12. Not Alone
  13. Broccoli

Favorite CD


My favourite McFLY probably...the That Girl DVD edition. It has an awesome McFLY movie, the song is just brilliant and it also has a performance of 'She Loves You' at the Olympic Torch Event.

"I will go down as your lover, your friend, give me your lips and with one kiss, we begin..."
Blink 182 - I'm Lost Without You