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All About You

All About You

“You know I love you…”

“I know, I know…”

“I always have…”

“You always will. Yes, I know, you keep telling me that loads of times but seriously, , you're not getting me into bed THAT easily!" joked.

It was 4pm in the McFLY house and , , and had stayed over the night, due to the fact they were out clubbing, got pissed and didn’t leave the club until 3:30am.

, , , and were all sitting in the living room watching 'Down With Love' while was still in bed.

"Ah, and what time do you call this?" laughed as stumbled down the stairs wearing a pair of boxers and a loose red shirt.

“Time I go back to sleep.” He mumbled, collapsing on the sofa.

“Okay, fine, but if you just stay there and fall asleep, you won’t be able to meet our new guest…” grinned.

“What new guest?” He asked, perking his head up from off the pillow.

“That really hot girl we met at the club last night…God , you were all over her, how could you forget her?!" enquired.

was tring to think of who they were all going on about, but this just made his headache worse. “I can’t remember any girl…”

“God, , the way you were acting around her, we thought you were in love! Shame on you, ..." said, trying to keep a straight face.

" had a one night stand! Oh my God! ! Not another one!" teased.

"Dudes! What the hell are you going on about?! I didn't meet any girl last night and I definitely didn't have a one night stand!" shouted.

"We know. We were just trying to fool you." laughed, as well as everyone else in the room, except , who just rolled his eyes at their immature behavior.

"Where's ?" He asked.

"Gone to pick up his cousin." answered, turning her attention back to the TV while letting out a giggle every now and then.

"What?" puzzled.

"Okay, so, long-story-short. 's cousin is coming round because her parents died in a fire and now she has nowhere to live. Tom volunteered this house as a temporary home until she's back on her feet and can afford a flat or something." explained.

"Oh." said. He paused, then said: "It's a she?"

"No, , it's really an animal and really we're gonna lock it in your room with you so that it eats your skin and then chomp on your bones, and worst of all, you're gonna feel everything." said, sarcastically. "Of course it's a she! I don't expect her to be a man, especially after what said!"

"So, hold on a minute, there's a girl coming to live with us?!"

and moaned. "YES!"

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?! I NEED TO GET DRESSED!!!" shouted, running up to his room and slamming the door shut.

~*~ At the Airport ~*~

"Ah, where is she?!" muttered to himself. He was waiting outside the airport in London by his blue mini when he saw a girl that looked like his cousin walking towards him.

“Cuz!” He shouted while running up to her and hugging her tight. She gave him a dirty look.

"? What are you doing? Get off that poor woman, now!" A girl behind him laughed. realised he wasn’t really hugging his cousin, but a strange woman who just happened to look like her. He released her from his grip and turned around to see a girl with , hair and eyes grinning at him.

's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he grinned back at his cousin. "It could've happened to anyone, okay?!"

"Yes, , but it didn't happen to anyone, it happened to you!" She laughed.

pulled his cousin in for a long hug and after a little while of hugging and swaying, they parted. “Well, we best be off. I’ve got 6 of the best people you’ll ever meet waiting for us back home.”

~*~ Back at the house ~*~

"How do I look?" asked, doing a small twirl in the middle of the room to show off his body and what he was wearing.

“You look gorgeous, but why are you trying to impress that girl? I thought you were happy being single?" asked, feeling her heart both drop and fly as she saw how hot was in his baggy trousers and loose top. She knew he was trying to impress 's cousin, she always knew these things. That's why her heart dropped when she asked, because she knew any girl would be a fool to say 'No, I don't want to go out with you!' to . She just wished would ask her out...

"I am, but I want to make a good impression in case I change my mind later on."

There was a knock at the door downstairs.

came downstairs screaming. "I'll get it! I'll get it!" but as he opened the front door, he tripped on the mat and tumbled out the door and landed at the girl’s feet.

She giggled and looked down at him. “Okay, that’s a interesting way of saying hey, but you know it’ll do for me.”

blushed and sat up, dusting off his hands which were covered in mud. "Erm...yeah...sorry about that."

"Here, let me help you." She gave (who was laughing hysterically) the plastic bag to hold while holding her hand out to help pull himself up off the floor.

"Thanks..." He said, pulling himself up and looking into her soft, eyes. Wow , he thought.

"Hi, I'm ." He smiled. "..." She smiled back. Wow, how gorgeous is he?! . For the next few minutes, and were just standing outside in the cold, gazing at each other, when Tom called out to them.

“Hey, you two! Stop staring at each other and get your asses in here! There are more people in this house that I’m sure would love to meet you as well!”

and blushed. As obvious as it would seem, they didn't realise they were staring at the other. They walked back into the house and saw that had got the food out of the bag and spread it round the room.

"Look! They return..." laughed. "Hey guys, here's ya food." He said, handing and a bag of chips to share. "! ! ! ! !"

"WHAT?" They all shouted in unison from upstairs.

"CHIPPY!" shouted back up.

Almost at once, they all came rushing down the stairs, except for who simply walked down and put on his best posh-person impersonation.

"Why, thankyou, dearest . My word! I don't believe I've seen this beauty before!"

giggled at 's cheesiness, but still managed to act posh in front of him. "Good evening, most charming sir! I'm but who, pray tell, are you?"

" stop being so cheesy!" threw a chip at who just rolled his eyes and carried on.

"My name's . . Pleased to meet you." He bowed.

"Likewise. Now, where were we? Ah, that's right. I wish to ask a favour upon you, please?"

"Yes, madam?"


"Okay then, fine." He laughed.

"So, , this is , , , and . I'm sure you know from your little encounter earlier on."

"Yes...yes, I know ." She grinned, looking at who was eating a bunch of chips next to her.

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