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Heaven in a Café

and had just woken up and had decided that they couldn't be bothered to make any breakfast so they ate the cold cheese pizza left over from there party last night. The night before they had thrown a party in their new flat they were sharing, but it wasn't so much a house warming party as a lets find our selves a boyfriend party, and both of them had their eye on a certain guy, had liked a tall haired guy who was trying to get famous in his band named McFly. on the other hand was falling madly in love , he was tall with hair. Both girls invited there love interests to the party in hope that something would happen, but nothing ever did because they were both too nervous to ask there guy out. Any way so they were lazy and ate pizza, after they had finished they got dressed and went up town for some clothes shopping , as they got off the bus glanced around to see if she knew any one and as she looked over by the bullring entrance she seen a guy who from behind looked exactly like and as she looked next to him she seen a guy who looked exactly like , so she looked again and she realized it was them

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH GOD" screamed


"Its and !! They must have met at the party!!"

"ooooohhhh mmmyyyy goooooooooood" screamed louder then did before so now every one around them was staring.

"ok maybe we should move" said, so they walked up towards the two guys.

Suddenly turned around and seen "hey , how you doing?"

", hi, I'm good, you remember don't you?"

"Yeah course... How could I forget her?" smiled as he said it and winked cheekily at , who by now had gone red.

"So you to know each other?" wondered why and were together as they were such an unlikely couple.

"Yeah, yeah we met not long ago, was at one of my gigs"

"Oh cool"

As they all stood in the cold staring at and staring at it suddenly started to rain.

"Oh damn, my hair" grabbed her hood 2 shelter her hair from the rain.

"I know and mine lets get in side." and ran ahead followed by the two guys.

"So you two wanna get some food" asked.

"yeah sure." said hoping that this maybe was her chance with .

"Great, I just fancy a burger" said walking towards burger king.

"Oh god, I don't, I think I want a quick coffee and cake from the café." said grabbing him back.

"Oh ok then I suppose we could do that." said sounding annoyed.

"Well, erm if you wanna get a burger I will come with you." said nervously.

"Yeah sure." so and walked off to burger king together.

"So I guess its just me and you now hey " sounded about as nervous as felt "yeah, so you wanna get that drink?" "Yeah sure" so and walked towards the café. Back in burger king and had just sat down with there burgers and milkshakes and began to talk.

"So I had fun last night"

"you did?!" said sounding shocked

"yeah don't sound so surprised! It was a good party, and well you looked fantastic."


"Yeah I liked your lil mini skirt you had on."

"oh thanks." said.

"erm so I was wondering what you would think if I lent over and kissed you right now?"

was in complete shock as finished his sentence

"I would be fine."

So slowly lent over and softly kissed 's lips and as she kissed him back the kiss became more passionate as he slowly crept his tongue in to her mouth, after a while they both pulled away "so you wanna ditch the burgers and come back to mine?" asked "yeah sure" so picked up her bag and stood up stood next to her and slid his hand in to hers and the two walked off together.

A few minutes down the road and were sitting at a table talking about the muffin sitting on the plate in front of them.

"you know what I think?" pondered.


"I think its blueberry."

"its not!! It's chocolate."

"how do you know?"

"Because blueberries aren't brown."

"oh yeah." said dopily, 's dopiness is one of the things that made fall for .

"ok so we have been sitting here for what like 10 minutes trying to guess what this muffin is and well I'm bored" said as he slumped back in his chair,

"yeah I know me too."

"hey I got an idea why don't we lock all the toilet doors in the cubicles so no one can get in side." said as he sprung up with excitement

"ha ha ha ha ha and how will we do that? You gonna come in the ladies toilets?"

"yeah come on." jumped up and grabbed 's hand and dragged her to the toilets

"ok you go in first and check no one is in there." so walked in and checked and no one was in there so she took a moment to breathe and smile to her self that she was just about to be alone in a room with

"?" said as he poked his head round the door

"oh yeah it's ok you can come in."

so came in and started inspecting the doors as watched on

"okay then lets get started." took off his jacket and threw it on the side but as he threw it, it missed the side and fell to the floor

"oh crap."

and both walked over to the jacket and bent down to pick it up, as they did they banged there head "oh my god sorry." said standing up quickly and grabbing 's hand "oh its ok." said rubbing her head and laughing slightly, as he realized she was ok began to laugh too, as the laughter stopped realized that was still holding her hand, she looked down at both there hands together and then looked back up and who smiled at her, nervously smiled back as began to put his hand on her hip they looked at each other and slowly lent in for their first kiss moved both her hands to around his neck and slid his hands down on to her bum as they kissed began to move his hands up and slowly pulled away 's coat as she ripped off his t-shirt.

As they undressed each other lifted up on to the side and slid her knickers down her legs and flung them on the floor.

"you sure you wanna do this?" asked before starting.

"oh my god are you kidding? I've been waiting for this moment since I first met you!"

smiled and kissed her slowly as un hooked her bra and took it off.

pulled away from her lips and began to kiss down her neck until he reached her boobs, then slowly pulled 's boxers down his legs until they reached the floor.

slowly pushed him self up on to her and let his penis push inside of her, as they slowly began to have sex up against the side both and let out moans of pleasure.

As cum in side of he let out a load sigh of relief and carried on to see as she came, they slowed down and looked at each other and smiled, "you wanna do that again?" asked with a grin on his face...

I would like to thank Kayleigh for writing this dirty little leg!

"I will go down as your lover, your friend, give me your lips and with one kiss, we begin..."
Blink 182 - I'm Lost Without You