Sheeps go Bah!!

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My friends

Here are some of my most FANTABULOUS friends ever and they're here cuz i think they deserve to be here

picture4.jpg JACK!!! <3 He's the best person in the world and I love him to teeny tiny little bits! :D He's mega-cool, sexy, sweet, funny and just a totally WOW person!! Jack u rock, love u xxxx
(and ur not a funky chicken, ur a funky moose)


Treeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Okay...maybe her birth name ain't tree, it's catrina...but I like calling her tree. :D She's funky as a chicken and one the best friends a girl could have. : ) KEEP RIGHT ON, TREE!! :D


Kel. Or as I call her...Keel. She's the first child in the Moo Family and has been my best friend since nursery. :| That's bout 11 years. OMG HOW DID SHE COPE?!?!?!?! :D She's a total weird person and HER MIND IS A PORN MOVIE!!! But still, she has everything in that magic bag of hers and everyone called her Mary Poppins! :D


Hmmmm....what could I say about Kayleigh...? Yes, it does look like she's giving the water an evil look and hey, she probably is! She's very popular and cannot LIVE without make up!! Like the first time we went to TC she couldnt wear eye make up :O :O :O


Kaaaaaaatieeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The biggest pervert I know (other than myself hehe) She's really cool and I've known her for bout a year of the best people I know!  Reaaaaaaaaaaally funny, pervy, kind, sweet and well a lover!!! haha! she's in love, bless her cotton pixie socks! :D <3


Laurennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! My PERVY FURBY FRIEND!!!! She's TOTALLY one of the best people in the UNIVERSE!!!!! With her funky manchester accent and prettyness (DAMN YOU). She gives good advice and is always there for you when you need her. Lauren it could be cuz of you that I'm still here...Thanks, I LOVE YOU!!! <333


RIBBIT!!!!! :D